Ultimate Guide to the Japan Rail Pass

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Ultimate Guide to the Japan Rail Pass

To ensure you get the most out of your trip to the land of the rising sun, we are including our FREE comprehensive Japan Travel guide. Shop online now!

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What’s included in this digital travel guide:

Japan Rail Pass worth it?

Extensive Travel Information

You will find all the tools to help you plan your trip to Japan. Topics covered include the basics, accommodation, cultural tips, simple Japanese phrases to learn, what to pack and much more.

Japan Rail Pass worth it?

Travel Guides

Read through our wide range of travel guides that cover 20 of the most popular locations in Japan. All of the travel guides include information such as when to go, where to go, highlights and more.

Japan Rail Pass worth it?

The Top 20 Experiences

With its historical sights, fascinating culture and magnificent landscapes, Japan has countless experiences and activates for visitors to do. We've included just 20 of the many things that you can do.

Japan Rail Pass worth it?

Learn all about Japan

Japan is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, consistently drawing several million visitors from across the globe each year to see its attraction and experience its culture. Included topics include history, culture, sports and more.

Japan Rail Pass worth it?

Sample Itineraries Inspiration

Our detailed sample itineraries are very popular with our customers. They give inspiration and in-depth practical details of what to do and see on your trip. They cater for a wide range of people and are based on 7/14/21 days.

Japan Rail Pass worth it?

Country Overview

The country overview will give you a great insight into Japan. It includes information around the culture, popular cities, seasonal attractions, food & drink and more. This is your quick fix for all information regarding Japan.

Japan Rail Pass worth it?

Michael, Sydney

"The Japan Rail Pass allowed me to travel Japan with complete flexibility and freedom. I had no real plans when I arrived in Tokyo and the pass allowed me to make travel decisions as I went."

Japan Rail Pass worth it?


"The whole trip was simply amazing. I hadn’t done a lot of research before my trip and with the flexibility of the pass it allowed me to change things as I went. It was safe, reliable and great value for money".


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