5 Of The Best Amusement Parks In Japan Which Will Blow Your Mind

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It is impossible to get bored while travelling Japan, as there is an endless number of things to do and places to see there. In addition to its amazing historical and cultural attractions and gorgeous natural landscapes and scenery, Japan has numerous amusement parks that cater to the young and the young at heart. If [...]

10 Unique Dishes you Can’t Leave Japan Without Eating!

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Japan is a one-of-a-kind travel destination when it comes to language, culture and attractions. However, Japanese cuisine can also be a memorable experience. Go beyond sushi, tofu and wagyu beef and give your tastebuds something new to think about. Here are 10 Japanese foods that you definitely won’t find back home! Yakitori This traditional Japanese [...]

Why Travelling to Japan Will Make You a Better Person

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Japan is a country of deep tradition, respect for nature and cutting-edge modern technology. These cultural traits somehow create a harmonious blend of past and present, spilling over into everyday life. It’s quite common for travellers to return from Japan with a feeling of enlightenment and appreciation for the “greater good.” Here are just a [...]

Places in Japan Where the Locals Hang Out!

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You can’t beat visiting a new travel destination with a local. After living in Japan for five years, this is my list of 15 must-see places which I recommend to all my friends when they ask where they should visit. Enjoy! Naoshima Island The small island of Naoshima is a must for anyone who enjoys [...]


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