Top 5 reasons why the Japan Rail Pass is still essential for your trip to Japan

When it comes to world-renowned public transport, Japan surely takes the cake with its extensively organised system largely overseen by the Japan Railways Group (JR Group). This very entity issues a golden ticket for travellers - the Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass), which has been an indispensable companion for visitors keen on exploring the land [...]

The Ultimate Japan Travel Bucket List

The Ultimate Japan Travel Bucket List - How many have you experienced? 1. Onsen Onsen are natural hot springs known for their relaxing and therapeutic effects. All over the country, you can find onsen towns with a good selection of bathhouses, private and public, outdoor and indoor, where you can soak for an hour or [...]

Why Travelling to Japan Will Make You a Better Person

Japan is a country of deep tradition, respect for nature and cutting-edge modern technology. These cultural traits somehow create a harmonious blend of past and present, spilling over into everyday life. It’s quite common for travellers to return from Japan with a feeling of enlightenment and appreciation for the “greater good.” Here are just a [...]


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