Top 5 reasons why the Japan Rail Pass is still essential for your trip to Japan

When it comes to world-renowned public transport, Japan surely takes the cake with its extensively organised system largely overseen by the Japan Railways Group (JR Group). This very entity issues a golden ticket for travellers - the Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass), which has been an indispensable companion for visitors keen on exploring the land [...]

How to Travel by Train in Japan

Japan is world renowned for its highly efficient railway system. Most of the country is covered by extensive rail networks, with train lines operated by various companies that enable fast and convenient intracity and intercity travels. Japan Railways Japan Railways (JR) runs a significant percentage of Japan’s commuter rail networks and almost all the intercity [...]

Guide to Miyajima Using Your Japan Rail Pass

Miyajima is one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations because of its many amazing scenic spots, particularly Itsukushima Shrine and its large, orange torii that seem to float on water during a high tide. How to access Miyajima with a JR Pass Hiroshima provides quick and convenient access to Miyajima Island. With your Japan Rail [...]


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