Activate Your Japan Rail Pass at the Narita International Airport

Activating your Japan Rail Pass once you arrive in Japan is quite easy. If you land at the Narita International Airport, the process of getting your rail pass ready for use only takes minutes. Here are some important things that you need to know about activating your JR Pass before you head out of the [...]

Top 5 Must-See Castles In Japan

The earliest castles in Japan were built around the 15th century as part of citadels where the central government’s leaders and military personnel took up residence. Today, several centuries later, these have become icons that attract millions of tourists each year. The following are some of the best Japanese castles – check them out: Matsumoto [...]

History Of The Bullet Train

Japan is world-renowned for its efficient public transportation system that connects the major cities in the country. Known as the Shinkansen, or bullet train, it is a highly-advanced technological accomplishment that has greatly influenced and impacted Japan’s culture, economy, business, and society. The Early Days Of The Shinkansen A high-speed intercity train network that currently [...]


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