Constructed in 1963, the Chureito Pagoda is a peace memorial and a popular destination in the Fuji Five Lakes area. It stands five stories high and is a part of the Arakura Sengen Shrine complex. It offers majestic views of Mount Fuji and the surrounding nature.

When to go

The Chureito Pagoda is a highly recommended viewing spot in Spring and Autumn for photographers and people who wish to capture the splendid beauty of the Fuji Five Lakes region.

In the middle of April, the cherry trees in the area are at the peak of their blooming stages and a canopy of pink sakura flowers cover the mountains. In the beginning of November, the leaves start to change colour and envelop the lakeside and mountainsides in striking shades of red, orange and yellow.

Chureito pagoda in foreground and mount fuji in background during sunrise time. Beautiful nature and human culture

Things to do

Hike up the mountain to the Chureito Pagoda

To enjoy the most magnificent views of the Fuji Five Lakes region, make sure to climb the 400 steps from the Arakura Sengen Shrine main area up to the Chureito Pagoda viewing deck. Once at the summit, you can take pleasure in the breathtaking beauty of the area and take photos of the beautiful, traditional Japanese structure with Mount Fuji in the background.

Explore the Arakurayama Sengen Park

One of the preferred cherry blossom viewing spots in the country, the Arakurayama Sengen Park is home to hundreds of cherry trees that transform the park into an ocean of pink sakura blossoms in Springtime and is an incredible spot for colorful Autumn foliage in Autumn.

Autumn scene of Mount Fuji and Fujiyoshida city from Arakurayama sengen park, Yamanashi, Japan

How to get there

From Tokyo:

It takes about three hours and costs 2,500 yen to get to the Chureito Pagoda from Tokyo.

At Tokyo Station, take the JR Chuo Line Rapid Service to Takao Station and then transfer to the JR Chuo Line going to Otsuki Station. Once at Otsuki Station, get on the Fujikyu Railway Line to go to Shimoyoshida Station.

The Chureito Pagoda is about 15 minutes away on foot from Shimoyoshida Station. The walk includes a 400-step hike up a mountain with spectacular views of Fuji and the lakes.

Via Kawaguchiko:

If you are in Kawaguchiko and would like to drop by the Chureito Pagoda, you can easily do so by taking the Fujikyu Railway line from Kawaguchiko Station to Shimoyoshida Station. The trip takes about 15 minutes and costs only 300 yen.

Red torii of Chureito temple with Mount Fuji as background. The gate and rope look like smile