Pasmo cards are a type of IC cards used in Japan, similar to the Opal transport card in Sydney. They can be used in different transportation lines in various cities in the country and can come in handy in for getting around in the bigger cities.

Why should I use a Pasmo?

A Pasmo offers numerous benefits that can help make your experience with the Japanese public transportation network pleasant and hassle-free.

With its tap-and-go feature, a Pasmo can make your commute go smoother and quicker. There is no need for you to purchase individual tickets every time you need to get on a train. Once you have the card, you simply have to touch it onto the reader on the turnstile and head to the platforms.

A Pasmo can be topped up with credits to enable you to use it multiple times. You can charge it with amounts between a thousand and twenty thousand yen at a time to cover your travel costs. When your balance runs out, you can easily top it up at card machines available at the train stations.

Because all available regional branded IC cards can now be used interchangeably in Japan’s major metros, a Pasmo can come in handy in any city where IC cards are accepted.

Pasmo Use

Should I get a Pasmo for my trip?

Purchasing a Pasmo for your trip depends on what your itinerary looks like.

If you are in Tokyo and you already have a Japan Rail Pass, you can ride all JR lines, like the Chuo line and Yamanote line, and be able to get to a number of popular tourist attractions in the area even without a Pasmo.

But, for instance, you are staying at a hotel that is nowhere near any JR line, you may need to take the subway and have a Pasmo for a convenient travel. The card can save you from wasting your time, wandering around the station, searching for machines, or queuing to buy a ticket.

So, for example, you are in Tokyo and want to go see the Osaka Castle, you can travel by bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka with your JR Pass, and then use your Pasmo to change to a subway line at the Shin-Osaka station to go to Osaka Castle!

Get a Pasmo now to maximize your time exploring and sightseeing in Japan!