Luggage and Luggage Services


Having to carry around a large suitcase during your trip to Japan is quite a hassle. Fortunately, there are various luggage service options available to anyone wanting to travel around Japan without carrying all this extra weight.

Moving Luggage IconTakuhaibin

If you arrive in Japan with more than a few bags or suitcases with you, you might want to consider using the services of the Takuhaibin, a luggage forwarding service that will send your belongings to your hotel anywhere in the country, typically within the next 24 hours.

Upon arriving at any airport in Japan, look for a Takuhaibin counter and provide the necessary information to forward your things to your accommodation. The cost may fall anywhere from 1,500 yen to 3,000 yen for regular-sized packages that are less than 10 kg, and from 2,000 yen to 4,000 yen for suitcases no heavier than 25 kg.

Lockers IconLockers

There are numerous lockers in Japan’s airports, train stations, bus stations, and tourist attractions that can hold various sizes of bags and luggage. These are perfect for travellers carrying one or two pieces of luggage and wishing to leave them for a number of hours while they explore.

There are three general sizes of lockers around Japan — small, medium, and large.

  • Small – 35 cm x 34 cm x 57 cm (Fee: 300 yen)
  • Medium – 57 cm x 34 cm x 57 cm (Fee: 400 yen)
  • Large – at least 117 cm x 34 cm x 57 cm (Fee: 500 yen – 1,000 yen)

To use the lockers, you will need to insert the exact amount (in 100 yen coin denominations) into the slot and take the key.

If you need to leave your luggage in the locker overnight, you will have to pay an extra 300 yen once you come back to pick it up the next day.

Luggage IconLuggage Storage Counters

If you cannot find an empty locker at an airport or train station, look for luggage storage counters. These places are manned, and they accept and keep larger pieces of luggage that don’t fit in a locker. They charge somewhere between 500 yen and 1,000 yen for each item per day. Usually, luggage storage counters at airports hold luggage over multiple days, while those at train stations only offer one day storage.