Tips for Budget Travellers


Even though Japan is known for being one of the most expensive countries to travel to, there are many different ways to minimise these travel costs if you really want to go there. The following are some tips on how you can cut back on expenses so you can start your Japan adventure sooner:

Airplane IconFlights

You can score cheap plane tickets if you travel to Japan during the off-peak season. Usually, early April, late May, and mid-November see less crowds at popular tourist attractions compared to during the peak of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

Also, it is best to check for plane fares months before your planned date of departure as some airline companies offer lower rates if you book in advance. Do be mindful of what penalties may apply if you choose to alter or cancel your flights though.

You can also you services like to find the best flight deals to Japan.


There are different affordable accommodation options available for tourists travelling to Japan, such as hotels, hostels, business hotels, manga cafes, capsule hotels, and ryokan.

To ensure you get a room, and at the best price, you have to make a reservation at least two weeks (if travelling in the off-season) or at least three months before your arrival (especially during cherry blossoms and autumn leaves seasons).

You can use online booking sites like Rakuten Travel, Agoda,, and Hostelworld to do this.

Transportation IconTransportation

Before flying to Japan, research the travel passes that are available to save you money on train and bus fares.

If you are travelling to multiple cities via the Shinkansen, it might be a good idea to look into purchasing a Japan Rail Pass. If you are staying in one particular area, why not buy a regional pass? If you are planning to do a one-day trip to a nearby city, calculate if a one-day bus pass or subway pass will pay off.

Food IconFood

One of the must-dos when visiting Japan is to try the local cuisine. You do not need to dine in high-end restaurants every night just to sample the best sushi or ramen in town. All over Japan, there are food stalls, family restaurants, and eateries that prepare top notch Japanese food that will keep you within your budget throughout your trip.

Attractions IconAttractions

Many of Japan’s sights and attractions can be explored without having to pay fees. When creating your itinerary, make sure to research which shrines and temples do not charge anything. Also, many parks and gardens are open to the public, free of charge.